About Us

Hey there! We are Noreen and Derek, your friendly neighborhood millennial homeowners. We empower people just like us to buy a home or an investment property, learn how stuff in it works, and roll up their sleeves to renovate. Join us as a hand model & a CAD guy take on their previously foreclosed, 108-year-old home!

Much like our house, this site is currently under construction. We thank you for your patience as we improve its appearance!

Ok but seriously… who are you people?

Noreen: actor & hand model, theatre dork who stumbled into commercial work for a living. Traveled a bunch after college, paid off student loans in 4 years, pounded (and still pounding) the pavement in New York as an actor & model. Lifelong Irish dancer with busted knee to prove it. Comes from a long line of carpenters – 3 dimensional thinker for certain. Grew up in a fixer upper – not uncommon to hear a hammer outside one’s bedroom window on a Saturday at 8am. Distinct memories of tiptoeing across a 2×4 while the stain dried on Daddy’s newly refinished dining room floor below. Currently living her dream of owning an investment property, marrying the nicest guy she ever met, and raising their sweet little boy.

Derek: Acoustic & mechanical engineer who stumbled into CAD drafting. Worked a bunch after college, didn’t owe a cent in student loans, looks forward to throwing his computer monitors out the window for a life free from an office. Plays a mean John Mayer on his Martin. Son of an architect and a nurse – science brained for certain. Grew up in the countryside of CT in a custom home – not uncommon to watch a 3’x4′ drawing unrolled on the kitchen table. Distinct memories of kicking a soccer ball around an open front lawn without a care in the world. Currently living his dream of expediting the journey to retirement, marrying the most down to earth girl he ever met, and raising their sweet little boy.

Why listen to us?

…because we don’t know everything. We’re just like you. We are working people, we have a kid, we weren’t born into exorbitant wealth. We aren’t experts on houses or finances, but we are sure as hell ready to learn. We believe it’s time to stop shoving the “finance conversation” under the rug, empower each other to improve our lot in life, and share what we learn so that our community – that’s you! – can herald the journey that is strong financial health and homeownership.