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9 Best Budgeting Resources for Your Investing Journey

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Looking for budgeting resources? Most excellent. I’ve rounded up some of the blog-o-sphere’s best budgeting resources to help you on your real estate investing journey.

Whether you’re budgeting to buy a house or planning a big renovation project, managing money is probably staring you in the face right about now. Enter: the budget.

Budgets are a funny thing — no singular process works for everyone. While some people do envelopes, others do spreadsheets. Budgets are also constantly evolving creatures, with pay raises, price inflation, growing families… you name it!

While we are big believers that budgeting is clutch for Personal Finance 101, we will be super honest here and say, ours isn’t down to a science yet.

While, yes, there are programs that “track” things for you, like Mint or even your banking statement, I’m a huge believer that if you’re the one doing the tracking, you’ll take better ownership of it. Consider it an offensive approach, instead of a defensive approach.

Thus, I have consulted the blogging community for these experts’ budgeting resources. They all have different tactics – find one that works for you!

Total Beginner Status #1:

Starting from scratch? Check out How to Make a Budget for Beginners on Making Frugal Fun.

Shannon succinctly shows you how to set up a budget from scratch, providing downloads along the way.

If you’ve toyed with budgets but never set one to paper, start here!

budget resources
How to Make a Budget for Beginners from Making Frugal Fun

Total Beginner Status #2

Blank slate and ready for the detail overload? Head over to How to Make a Monthly Budget for your Family with What Anika Says.

Anika’s covered all the details, including those annoying pop-ups like seasonal and irregular expenses. She’s an accountant, so I trust her math guidance to be on point!

how to budget money for beginners
How to Create a Monthly Budget with What Anika Says

I Like Pie Charts

Geometry lover? Pie chart wizard? Budgeting With the 50/30/20 Rule at In Harmony with Money will be your best bet.

If you are into big picture assessments and like to think of things a little differently, check it out! This method takes the minutia out of budgeting and instead creates a broad stroke approach. Maybe it’s for you!

how to budget on excel
50/30/20 Rule at In Harmony with Money

I’ve Got a Budget, but Need Some Hacks

Maybe you have a working budget, but need to make some tweaks. Have a look at 5 tips for Anyone who Doesn’t Know How to Save with Hispana Global.

Jeannette has some great pointers about savings, kitchen inventory, and credit cards. She also has a free planner!

budget hacks
Budget Hacks with Hispana Global

I Operate in Cash

Old school mobster with cash-only spending? Envelopes are for you. Go to How to Use a Cash Envelope System with Making Frugal Fun.

Shannon shows you how to allocate your cash in an organized manner. She also has wise advice for all budgeters out there: no cheating!

There’s something psychological about seeing money leave your wallet, right? Maybe the cash envelope system is a good budgeting resource for you!

how to budget better
Cash Envelopes with Making Frugal Fun

Gimme All the Colorful Worksheets

Back in elementary school, were you the one who handed out the worksheets? Or was it take one and pass it down?

If you’re a worksheet lover, then go to Freebie Finding Mom’s post, Free Printable Budget Worksheets.

Kelli has a worksheet for everything – and I mean everything you could need a budget for. Events, holidays, savings plans, go after it!

how to budget for beginners
Freebie Finding Mom’s Free Printable Budgeting Worksheets

I’m a Detail-Oriented Individual

Do you love getting in the weeds of details? Does a day of organizing hardware sound appealing? Head to The Ultimate List of Budget Categories by Budget Baby Budget.

Siobhan doesn’t miss a beat – she’s even got categories for tolls, manicures, and a gym membership. Basically, she’s not from Jersey, but she’s got our number. 😉

how to budget on excel
Ultimate list of Budget Categories with Budget Baby Budget

Trapper Keeper Life, Complete With Dividers

For the ultimate, organized, binder-loving budgeting resources nerd, behold: the Money Saving Budget binder from Living Low Key.

Cassie’s ready for you, if you’re ready for her. It’s your time to shine, oh binder-loving beauty. Go forth and prosper.

how to budget money
Living Low Key’s Budget Binder printables

App on My Phone, Please

Still get the shudders from pencil + paper + math class? Don’t have brain space for spreadsheets and binders? Check out the Every Dollar App from Ramsey Solutions.

We personally are not app people, but others absolutely swear by this app. Have you ever watched the debt free screams on the Ramsey Show? They’re incredibly inspiring, for anyone working towards any financial goal. At least 50% of the people who stand there and scream about money tout the usefulness of this app.

Why not give it a whirl?

how to budget money
Every Dollar App from Ramsey Solutions

Final Thoughts on Budgeting Resources

Whew! Don’t worry, your budget will become old hat in no time. In fact, your goals better prepare to be crushed!

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