how to prepare to buy a home

how to prepare to buy a home – 25 easy 5-minute tasks

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This post is all about how to prepare to buy a home.

Are you thinking about buying a house – but not quite yet ready to “shop-shop” – yet still want to get your ducks in a row before your search and purchase?

Well, this post is for you.

We’ve got 25 easy 5 minute tasks to prepare to buy a home.

This is the perfect springboard to get you started!

Money stuff for how to prepare to buy a home:

1. Check your bank account balance

2. Or at least, sign in…

3. Check your credit score – most credit cards do one free annually

4. Make a list of the debts you have (hint: pay them off, too!)

5. Read about down payments

6. Open a savings account

7. Check if your current insurance carrier offers homeowners’ insurance

Personal stuff for how to prepare to buy a home:

8. Dream for 5 minutes about what you’d like to buy

9. Mention it to your spouse

10. Start a “thrift box” to clear house before an exciting life change

11. Call a homeowner to ask about what it’s like

12. Ask your kids what they’d want in a home. (might take more than five minutes 😉 

13. Start a budget with our favorite budgeting resources.

14. Ask yourself why you want to buy a house.  Listen for 5 minutes.

15. Think about climate. Do you want to live somewhere warm all the time, cold all the time, or with seasons?

Craving more? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home.

(you might need more than five minutes for this one!)

House stuff for how to prepare to buy a home:

16. Write a “gotta have it” list

17. Write a “wanna have it” list

18. Jot down your home-owning super power skills, like painting or electric

19. Go to Redfin or Zillow and look at a listing

20. Read an article about the pros of owning

21. Join Bigger Pockets

22. Download our house shopping workbook

23. Start a pinterest board of house inspiration

24. Post on social media for realtor recommendations

25. Write out your house buying goal!


There you have it! 25 easy five minute tasks to help you prepare to buy a house, from money stuff to person stuff to house stuff.

What will you do today to prepare to buy a home?

how to prepare to buy a home

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