how to prepare to buy a home

How to Prepare to Buy a Home – 25 Easy 5-Minute Tasks

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Want to know how to prepare to buy a home?

Not quite yet ready to “shop-shop” – yet still want to get your ducks in a row before your search and purchase?

Well, this post is for you.

We’ve got 25 easy 5 minute tasks to prepare to buy a home.

This is the perfect springboard to get you started!

Money Things to Do to Prepare to Buy a Home:

1. Check your bank account balance

2. Or at least, sign in…

3. Check your credit score – most credit cards do one free annually

4. Make a list of the debts you have (hint: pay them off, too!)

5. Read about down payments

6. Open a savings account

7. Check if your current insurance carrier offers homeowners’ insurance

Personal Stuff to Prepare to Buy a Home:

8. Dream for 5 minutes about what you’d like to buy

9. Mention it to your spouse

10. Start a “thrift box” to clear house before an exciting life change

11. Call a homeowner to ask about what it’s like

12. Ask your kids what they’d want in a home. (might take more than five minutes 😉 

13. Start a budget with our favorite budgeting resources.

14. Ask yourself why you want to buy a house.  Listen for 5 minutes.

15. Think about climate. Do you want to live somewhere warm all the time, cold all the time, or with seasons?

Craving more? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home.

(you might need more than five minutes for this one!)

House Stuff to Prepare to Buy a Home:

16. Write a “gotta have it” list

17. Write a “wanna have it” list

18. Jot down your home-owning super power skills, like painting or electric

19. Go to Redfin or Zillow and look at a listing

20. Read an article about the pros of owning

21. Join Bigger Pockets

22. Download our house shopping workbook

23. Start a pinterest board of house inspiration

24. Post on social media for realtor recommendations

25. Write out your house buying goal!

Final Thoughts on How to Prepare to Buy a Home

There you have it! 25 easy five minute tasks to help you prepare to buy a house, from money stuff to person stuff to house stuff.

What will you do today to prepare to buy a home?

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how to prepare to buy a home

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