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Tool Gifts for New Homeowners – 16 Ideas to Give This Year

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This post is all about tool gifts for new homeowners.

If you or someone you know just purchased a home, you probably know just how many… things a person could use around the house.

Sure, a bottle of wine is a welcome housewarming gift, but this holiday season, you might consider one of these practical tool gifts for new homeowners.

So, if you’re wondering what tools new homeowners need, here are the handy items we’ve used the most here at our two family house!

Simple Fixings

In every homeowner’s life, the day will come when one must patch a wall.

If they’re in luck, this hole will be very small.

If they’re in extra luck, this hole will be large and they’ll get to acquire new skills as a taper!

Either way, they’ll want a few items handy to get the job done.

Budget: Ready Patch

This magical goop is just the ticket to fill a hole with nary a trace.

Don’t forget to purchase a 1.5″ putty knife for an expert finish!

Pro tip: make sure to keep the Ready Patch can closed nice and tight when not in use. It’s a dry-fast product… which means it dries fast when you use it, and dries fast when you store it. 🙂

Splurge: Taping Tools

If your favorite homeowner anticipates a larger repair and wants the heavy duty stuff on hand, why not gift them basic joint compound tools?

The basic tools they’ll need to get started are a roll of joint tape, a 6″ knife, and a drywall hawk – aka big board to work on.

Obviously they’ll need joint compound, too – but that is best purchased right before they are ready to use it! Much like a carton of milk, it will eventually spoil.

Lawn & Leaf Care

Unless your favorite homeowner has purchased in an HOA, it’s likely they are responsible for lawn care. How about gifting them some convenient exterior gadgets to get the job done?

Budget: Adjustable Rake

The overexposed Kardashian of the seasons, fall comes with the joys of cider, hay rides, and of course, leaf piles!

A basic rake makes a perfectly practical gift for a new homeowner. This set even comes with a pair of gardening gloves – and you know how much I recommend gloves!

Splurge: Electric Lawn Mower

We love our little electric lawn mower!

Admittedly, our backyard is not very big, and our front “lawn” requires about ten minutes of attention. We don’t need a big riding mower or massive gas-powered contraption, but this little machine gets the job done!

It comes with rechargeable batteries – I will admit that after two years, it has been beneficial to replace the batteries, so they hold a longer charge.

Winter Property Care

If your favorite new homeowner purchased a condo or co-op, you can probably skip to the next section. But if they’ve got a sidewalk to care for anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line, they’ll probably appreciate these items this winter!

Budget: Snow Shovel

Some groan, some kick their heels, but either way, winter rears its brazen head unapologetically. Here at Our Two Family, we like to think of shoveling snow as a “winter workout.”

Equipment needed for max calorie burn: a shovel.

Splurge: Snow Blower

Feeling generous? Get the almighty snow thrower, particularly if your favorite new homeowner has a long driveway or corner property. 

I will admit, Derek does all the heavy lifting on this aspect of our home care. He reports that our snow thrower, like this model, is powerful but not too large and cumbersome.

Handy Tools

Owning a home comes with random duties, like hanging pictures or tightening cabinet hardware. A list of tool gifts for new homeowners would be incomplete without these simple supplies.

Budget: Basic Tools

I have loved this basic tool set for a decade. Are they heavy duty? No. Do they get the little tasks done? Yes.

And yes, I do own this little tool box in “hot pink.” Hear me out: the men in my life don’t like hot pink tools in their toolboxes. There is no chance on Heaven or Earth that my tools will be confused with theirs. Therefore, I never have a problem wondering where my measuring tape, screwdriver, or hex keys might have wandered.

Tools are tools, no matter the color. Hot pink suits me fine.

Splurge: Drill Set

For those who drool over brilliant tools, this drill set is it.

Cordless, little light that helps you see what you’re doing, and lightweight, with batteries that charge lickety split.

The best part? The horsepower behind these bad boys will save your shoulder. Torque the tool, not your bicep.

A Step Up

You never you need it until you do, right? Step ladders are one of the best tool gifts for new homeowners, and will be employed on the regular. Don’t ask me how to wrap it though! Maybe just stick a bow at the top and call it good?

Budget: Step Stool

We tossed this handy step stool onto our wedding registry, not realizing how fabulous it would be. Holy moly, we use it all. the. time!! We’ve needed this for everything from hanging new light fixtures to painting our entire first floor.

Conveniently, this step stool folds up with one hand (just a flick of the thumb) for easy use and storage.

Splurge: Extension Ladder

We were so lucky to receive this extension ladder second-hand from D’s folks when they were downsizing. It has so many different settings! We’ve used it to repair several vents on the outside of our home as well as for huge projects like sheetrocking our first floor kitchen.

We love that it folds up easily and stores in a corner of our basement. It is exceptional in that you can set each side to a different height – crucial when working on a staircase. Big win, here, folks.

Holiday Décor

There’s something so special about settling into a new home during the holidays.

After closing costs and shelling out cash for things like painting or gutter cleaning, new homeowners are not keen on spending more dough for lights and bows. Holiday decorations are super fun and and easy item to forget when moving in!

Budget: Welcome Mat

The crowning jewel of any entryway, a cheerful welcome mat makes for a cozy welcome to any front stoop. Santa lower? How cute is this little Rudolph face?

Not celebrating a specific holiday? I think this mat is so pretty – and can stay out right through springtime and still fit the season.

Splurge: Christmas Tree

Let’s go for the whole enchilada here, folks, and gift a new homeowner a Christmas tree!

It’s not quite the same as trekking through the snow to chop down a Douglas fir, but the convenience of having an artificial Christmas tree is incomparable. Having grown up with a plastic tree due to family members’ allergies, so I’m used to life without the scents of pine permeating the house.

2021 being the year of random item shortages (why… just why are Christmas trees affected by all of this??), we are pleased as punch that our little tree is merely a flight of stairs away, ready to be dusted and decorated at a moment’s notice.

Since we have a smaller living space, we have a humble 4-footer, but someday dream of filling our front window with a big ol’ beauty like this one.

Stocking Stuffers

Stuffing a stocking this year? Here are some tool gifts for homeowners to stuff a stocking or a basket.

WD 40

Magical potion here. Useful on countless levels. Get the squeak out of an old door or loosen up a lock and key. WD-40 is indispensable!

Permanent Markers

You just never know when you’ll need to label something – whether it be tags moving boxes or “demolish this wall only,” a simple set of permanent markers always comes in handy.

Measuring Tape

Maybe your homeowner isn’t into big renovation projects. No biggie! They will, however, still need the most essential of all tools, and that is the measuring tape. Whether it’s checking to see if a cabinet will fit, or how many feet of carpet they need to order, a measuring tape like this one will get the job done.

Basic Hooks

The renter in me still cringes at the sight of a nail piercing a paint job.

Little hooks like these ones come in handy for many an item, from extra keys to hand towels.

Final Thoughts on Tool Gifts for New Homeowners

We hope you have found these tool gifts for new homeowners to be useful!

Need more new homeowner help? Check out our Etsy shop for home renovation planners!

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