best housewarming gifts on amazon

The 23 Best Housewarming Gifts on Amazon

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Welcome back to Our Two Family house!  Today, we offer you: the best housewarming gifts on Amazon.  

If you are a new homeowner and writing a little Christmas list, go ahead and make yourself a wish list or registry for your housewarming party and share it with friends and family.  

Or, maybe you’re here because you’re shopping for a family member or bestie who’s just purchased themselves a nice new home.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others, let’s get right into it – the best housewarming gifts on Amazon!

What Is a Good Gift for a New Homeowner?

I personally think a good gift for a new homeowner is anything that comes from the heart.

But if you’re looking for a few more specifics, another way to look at it is – something useful.  

Candles and wine are nice!  However, useful things are the gifts that truly keep on giving.  

We personally can destroy a bottle of wine in less than two days.  And yes, we’ll enjoy every sip.  But a stepladder?  Or seasonal placemats?  I will think of you for years to come.  

What Is a Quick Housewarming Gift?

A quick housewarming gift can be ordered through Jeff Bezos’ empire and delivered to your doorstep in a snazzy blue van in a matter of hours.  

You know what to do.  

Best Housewarming Gifts for the Backyard

Pop-up Canopy

We are always asking to borrow one of these canopies – we really should just invest in one this year!

Edison Lights

The crème de la crème of evening ambiance.

Best Housewarming Gifts on Amazon for Garden Lovers

Garden Tool Set

…Add a Colorful Planter!

…And Seeds for Fresh Herbs

…And Make It a Basket With These Essential Gardening Gloves!

Don’t Forget… Every Garden Needs a Guard.

For the Entertainers

…because a new home means more opportunities to entertain!


Beverage Dispenser

Oversized Cooler

You may also find this useful this during home renovations. See also: The Ultimate Home Renovation Survival Guide.

Tray (With Folding Legs!)

This tray is a chameleon!  Folding legs make it appropriate for everything from charcuterie boards to guest rooms.  

Best Housewarming Gifts for Summer Lovers

Food Tent

Grill Brush

Corn on the Cob Holders

Best Housewarming Gifts for the Practical Homeowner

If you know your new homeowner friend just moved out to the ‘burbs, they might not have basics like these to keep up with their property! 

Trash Can

Gotta have one with wheels!

Snow Shovel

Depending on your climate, of course.


This one is adjustable, how snazzy is that?

Best Housewarming Gifts for the Suckers That Bought a Fixer-Upper (Like Us!)

Even if they’re only going to hang a picture or two, these are the best tools to have for a homeowner’s journey!  

See more ideas in our post: Tool Gifts for New Homeowners.


The most useful power tool you can own.


Again, even if it’s just a photo or shelf that you’ll hang – you need a level to make it right.

6 Foot Ladder

Fiberglass is lightest!

6 Foot Folding Table

Not just for when you’re renovating (because you ALWAYS need a flat surface on which to put your project) – this will come in handy for spreading a buffet when entertaining, too!

Renovation Planners From Our Etsy Shop

We have simple, printable planners available for purchase in our Etsy shop! Kitchen renovation planner, bathroom renovation planner, paint organization labels, and more!

These are the planners we were begging the internet for when we were elbow-deep in our full home remodel. So, we made them!

Are you about to remodel? Check out our printable renovation planners!

A Helping Hand

Short on cash?  Your new homeowner friends could probably use some help.  

Whether they’re up to their elbows in a fresh coat of paint, or simply unpacking from their move, a new house is a big undertaking!  Why not offer them the gift of your assistance?  

Final Thoughts on Best Housewarming Gifts on Amazon

Well folks, there you have it – our favorite housewarming gifts found on the ol’ Amazon.

Whether you’re renovating and need some standard tools, or you’re entertaining and love a good beverage dispenser, these are the things you need on your wish list!

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best housewarming gifts on amazon

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