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Tenant Gift Ideas – 13 Awesome Holiday Gifts 2023

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Welcome back to Our Two Family house!  Today we are talking about tenant gift ideas for this year’s holiday season, 2023.  

Before we dive into the tenant appreciation gift ideas, let me pour a huge dose of this caveat: we come from the perspective of owner occupying a two family home.  That’s why this blog is called “our two family.”  There are as many opinions as there are apartment buildings in America as to whether it is a good idea to send your tenants a Christmas present.  

Here’s why we believe in tenant gifts. We have one set of tenants, not 100.  Also, we live downstairs from our tenants, which would make them our neighbors.  We see them when we do laundry.  We wave hello when checking the mail.  It would feel very, very strange to not gift them a little something at the holidays.  

Also, they give us holiday gifts every year.  Reciprocity is good, in this case, and the ROI is a peaceful home with no bad blood (hey!).

In other words: you do you. 

Now, let’s get into our picks for tenant gift ideas for the holidays in 2023!

How Do You Show Appreciation to a Tenant?

You can do many things to show appreciation to a tenant.  For example, give them a present.  

Some landlords give a discount on rent for the month of December.  We don’t do this because it would contradict our lease.  

Other landlords will offer an upgrade to the rental space, incentives for paying on time in a calendar year, or a random “tenant of the year” award.  All of these are nice things to do, and you should do what you feel comfortable with.

What Do I Need to Give to a New Tenant?

Keys and a lease.

However, if you’d like to offer a nice tenant welcome package, here are our favorite Tenant Gift Basket Ideas.

How Do I Make My Tenant Happy?

Keep their property in shape, answer their maintenance calls, and don’t be a jerk.  

After that, you can’t make people happy.  Choose your tenants carefully at the beginning of your lease, and take it from there!

Can You Write off Gifts to Your Tenants?

Most likely, but you should ask your accountant.  We aren’t tax professionals.  

What if My Tenants Don’t Celebrate Christmas?

Would you really be mad if someone gave you a gift for any reason?  

For example: I’m not Jewish. If my Jewish friends sent me a Hannukkah gift, I would say, “Thank you! Mazel tov!” and enjoy whatever the gift was.  It’s a gift.  

If your tenants hate their present, and they vehemently refuse to enjoy Christmas, well, at least you tried to spread some holiday cheer.  

Tenant Gift Ideas 2023

Now that we have that discussion out of the way, let’s talk about our picks for tenant appreciation gifts in 2023!

Tenant Gift Ideas for the Home

You’ll notice a lot of these gift ideas link to Etsy – with good reason! They’re a great spot for gifts of all kinds. Check out their gift guides, too!

Monogrammed door mat

Particularly if your tenant is new, they might not have a welcome mat yet.  

You can order this one personalized with their initial.

tenant gift idea
image courtesy of WoodbyStu on Etsy

A succulent!

A little greenery can always bring some cheer to any home.

You can personalize this succulent arrangement with any message for your tenant’s holiday gift. Totally sweet!

tenant appreciation gift
photo courtesy of Soul Sister Gifts on Etsy

All Natural Reed Diffuser + Sticks

A candle is a classic gift, but who wants open flames in their rental?

If your tenant seems like the kind who like nice-smelling home-y things, this oil diffuser is a great way to go.

great tenant gift idea
photo courtesy of The Auburn Collections on Etsy

Crafty Kit for renters with kids

This is a sweet idea if your renters have children!  

Since it’s hard to know what kinds of toys the kids already have, consider gifting them an original craft project.  

This is a double-win: it’s educational, plus “something to do” during the holiday break from school. Any parent would appreciate!  

gifts for renters
photo courtesy of Rachel’s of Greenfield on Etsy

Fru-fru bath & body set

You might need to do a little sleuthing to discover if you tenant will appreciate this bath and body set.

If you have a hunch that your renter enjoys an at-home spa night (or heck, maybe your wife does!), check out this all natural box of soaps, lotions, and salts!

tenant gift
photo courtesy of Justine Maree Studio on Etsy

Tenant Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

Winter wonderland cookie baking set

How cute is this all-in-one cookie-baking box? It has everything a family of bakers could need to whip up some holiday magic.

best tenant gift ideas
photo courtesy of The Cookie Cups on Etsy

Cheesy mugs

This suggestion comes with a heap of “know your audience.”  

Maybe you rent to someone that you know personally, like a family member or close friend.  

These cheesy mugs are super fun and very affordable for a tenant Christmas gift idea!

tenant gift
photo courtesy BIBLEcraftz on Etsy

Not a Jedi master fan? Go for a mug more in the style of “Assistant to the Regional Manager.”

best tenant gift
photo courtesy of Real People Goods on Etsy

Custom cutting board

Does your tenant love to cook? Why not gift them a personalized cutting board set?

This also doubles as a subtle way to protect your rental kitchen’s countertops.

tenant gift ideas
image courtesy of ThebaHandmade on Etsy

Coffee Tumbler

Does your tenant drink coffee?  

Check out these awesome Personalized Coffee Tumblers..  

Pair it with a bag of coffee beans from your local shop, and you’ve got yourself a nice tenant Christmas gift.  

gift ideas for renters
photo courtesy of Topper Treasures Art on Etsy

Tenant Gift Ideas Made of Food

A box of chocolates

A classic. These ones are Belgian. Just… YUM!

welcome gift for new tenant
photo courtesy of Carian’s Bistro on Etsy

Big snack attack basket

Who doesn’t love a surprise basket full of goodies? Gifting couldn’t be easier with this one!

tenant Christmas gift ideas
photo courtesy of Daisy Mae Floral on Etsy

Savory cheese & sausage basket

Is there anyone in America who would turn down a basket full of cheese and sausage?

Final Thoughts on Tenant Gift Ideas

There you have it – a baker’s dozen of tenant gift ideas for the holidays in 2023.

From scrumptious gift baskets to household fixings, your renter will likely appreciate that you remember them at the holidays.

Remember – it’s not the gifts we give, it’s the thought that counts!

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