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Winter Home Improvement Projects You Need to Plan Now

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I know, I know – we just started pouring cider and pounding pumpkin spice everything.  But the chilly weather is just around the corner – which means it’s time to get planning on winter home improvement projects!

Home projects? In winter, you say?

Yes. There is plenty to be done in the coldest months of the year.

In fact, sometimes renovating in off-months can save you time and money. This might not be the time for a new shed or landscaping overhaul, but it is time to look around your interiors for possible improvements while you’re snowbound indoors.

Here are a few suggestions to get your winter home improvement projects started!

Kitchen Renovation

It sounds crazy, but the best time of year to renovate your kitchen is winter!  

Overhauling your kitchen in the chilliest months can save you a fortune.  Read all the reasons why here: The Cheapest Time of Year to Remodel your Kitchen.  

If you want to do your kitchen in the next calendar year, this is the perfect time to start planning!  

From cabinets to countertops and appliances to tiles, planning a kitchen renovation can take a huge amount of time.  

If you start gathering estimates and ordering fixtures now, you’ll be capitalizing on winter savings for your kitchen remodel.  

Replace Your Windows

Admittedly, most people do this when it’s warm, since the house gets drafty when you remove its windows for hours at a time.  

But I am here to report that we’ve hired a wonderful window company during the winter twice and received super prompt service from doing so in the unexpected winter months.  I kept plenty warm with a cup of hot tea during the mere three hours they worked.

The best time to seal up your house is now, whether or not ol’ man winter has arrived.  If there isn’t precipitation outside, you’ll best believe that the window contractor will be ready to work.  

Perks? Your heating bill will plummet with less drafts sucking your money outside.  We even noticed our house got quieter by having a better seal on our windows.  

Plan for it now in your home renovation budget, and get those windows replaced!

The Big Clean Out.  

You know it’s coming.

Are you clearing house for a new baby?  Or maybe clearing out after your kids have grown quickly? Or simply just want less clutter?  

Now is the time to plan your decluttering crusade.  Prep your family and enlist their help. Set a goal date for something like a yard sale or donation drive.

Also, where will you put the boxes?  Staging bags and boxes for destinations such as the thrift store, your library’s book sale, or to resell online for profit will need a dedicated space all to itself. Start acquiring tote bins or boxes so that you’re organized come clean-out time.   

This is a great indoor project, particularly for the holiday break or winter break, if your school district has one.  And, bonus – you’ll be one step ahead when the spring cleaning itch arrives in March.  

winter home improvement
prepping for a load out can take some time!

Clean the Grout

Oh grout, you necessary devil. It’s really hard to have tile floors without you, but boy you’re a pain in the neck to keep clean.

Ok, ok… this one doesn’t require much planning or ordering, but for me to accomplish it, it needs to sit on my to-do list for 3 months so that I can fully procrastinate before hand.

That gives me enough time to waffle about which way will work best, dig out some knee pads, drag myself to the dollar store for the perfect scrub brush, and then actually do it.  

Bob Villa has the how-to for cleaning grout of all kinds – take a look!

Paint a Room

Again, not too much planning required… or is there?

Personally I like to take my time on a paint color choice.  First I’ll scan Pinterest for inspiration, particularly for rooms with similar color furniture to what I already have.  

Then I’ll swing by the local spots like Sherwin Williams or Lowes to pick up some paint chips.  

Next, I’ll look at the chips at different times of day.  This is key!  Any room will have different lighting as the sun moves around the house.  I like loving my wall colors all day long, no matter the lighting, so that’s why I take my time to decide.  

If you’re hoping to paint a room this winter, why not shop around for your favorite paint colors now?

home improvement ideas
painting fiend in her natural habitat

Rearrange the Furniture.  

True story, we once spent a snow day rearranging the whole house, all in the name of accommodating our 88-key keyboard into our living room.  

This was, however, preceded by months of “well if we put the guest room here, and the bedroom, there…”.  

If you start tossing ideas around now, maybe you’ll come up with a plan you can execute come a snow day!  (Warning: if you shovel snow and rearrange your house in 24 hours, your back will hurt the next day).  

Change Out a Light Fixture.  

Again, this is not a big project that requires months of planning, but shopping for the right fixture can often take a while!  Not to mention, how long will the perfect fixture take to ship?  

easy home improvement projects
a quick and affordable upgrade!

Product delays are still around, unfortunately, so start shopping now for your light fixture switch this winter.  

When we bought this chandelier for our living room this summer, it had an 8 week wait.  Two whole months! Thankfully it arrived sooner, but you just never know!  

…Or Change Out the Hardware

Upgrading the hardware in a kitchen or bathroom can have an incredible effect on the overall feel.

Like switching a light fixture, this won’t require months and months of ordering, but it will require making decisions and waiting on your hardware to ship.

Why not take this time to really decide what you’d like for your cabinet doors, drawer pulls, or even bathroom fixtures?

If you order the hardware now, you’ll have it on hand for a snow day and a nice little winter home improvement project.

winter diy home projects
Avoid analysis paralysis by starting now!


Maybe take this wintertime to chill out (literally and figuratively) and save up your money!  Use our advice on a Home Renovation Budget to help you estimate how much you’ll need next.

Winter is the perfect time for snuggling in to watch movies, bake cookies, and chug hot cocoa.  This might be your season to push “pause” on your home improvement projects and simply be.  

By embracing stillness, you will give yourself the opportunity to save up for the next renovation project down the road.  

So, pour yourself that mug of wassail and relish the fact that you’re responsibly financing your next project in cash.  

We hope this little list of winter home improvement projects has inspired you to plan some cold-weather fun!

Getting ahead on things like a kitchen renovation, window replacement, decluttering, painting, or even switching light fixtures is ideal.

Remember to plan a few home projects while you dig out your scarves and hats, so you’ll be ahead of the game come this wintertime!

winter home improvement projects

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