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Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend!

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Welcome back! Today we’re talking about easy home improvement projects you can do this weekend.

That’s right, 3 days or less, and bam, a project will be finished.

Home improvement projects can get complicated quickly.  Trust us, we know!  After two huge gut renovations, we are here for the simple stuff like paint and pictures.  

Let’s keep it simple, then.

Here’s a list of home improvement projects you can do in a weekend or less!

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Any Room

Swap Out Blinds

Want an easy upgrade? Update the blinds!

We turned to cordless blinds when child proofing our house – not realizing how much better each room would look as a result.

Using cellular shades also has an added benefit of energy savings!

Change Light Bulbs

Changing the color of your light bulbs can alter the feel of a room.

You can also upgrade to LEDs for long-term energy savings.

Add a Plant

From entry way to dining table, greenery heals, refreshes, and is just plain fun!  If you’re happy and you know it, add a plant!

easy home improvement projects

Clean Out the Garage

What’s stopping you? I bet you can do it in a day!

Clean or Paint the Trim

All those grubby fingerprints are dragging you down. Employ your children with a rag and some vinegar cleaner for the spots under 4 foot!

Too tough to just wipe away? Painting trim is pretty swift once you’re prepped!

Paint the Whole Room

While you’re at it, you can just paint the whole room. If your walls are in decent shape, this project can totally be done in a weekend.

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Exterior

Paint the Front Door

The bang for your buck is infinite here!

You’ll need some help to maneuver the door on and off its hinges – and I do recommend a nice, sunny day – but if you start early, you’ll finish by sundown. Just make sure it’s nice and dry before you try to re-hang.

Full tutorial can be found at our post on How to Repair an Exterior Door.

Just look at the difference!

Add Some Window Boxes

Someday I will do window boxes!  I just love the look of little flowers singing outside a window with shutters. 

Call me Snow White but I think it’s just darling.  

Replace Your Mailboxes

We really like these white mailboxes from Amazon.  They’re large enough for magazines and even some small packages.

Upgrading the old mailboxes was just one of many important pieces to our Home Curb Appeal Before and After.

Switch up the Lighting

Nothing says “welcome home” like a drab, flickering bulb!  Change it out, you won’t regret it.  

Plant a Tree

Discern your location carefully! Bonus upgrade – plant one that produces fruit.

Plant a Garden Box

We have both a raised garden bed, crafted from two cedar boards, and a garden box like this one that sections off our driveway quite nicely.

easy diy home projects

Decorate for the Season

Even if it’s just a couple of pumpkins, seasonal decor will bring cheer to your neighborhood and and your heart!

Add Shutters

…or repaint your current ones.

Make an Outdoor Living Room

Add fire pit + string lights and you are set!

Cover the Chain Link Fence

The Spruce has some great ideas at this article: How to Add Privacy with a Chain Link Fence.

We love this fence cover as an affordable fence upgrade without having to call the town about fencing rules.

Check out our entire Backyard Before and After DIY for more exterior inspiration!

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Bathroom

Re-Caulk the Tub

Is it looking grim?  Peeling back and falling on itself?  Knife it out and re-caulk, baby!  

Switch Out the Hardware

Faucet, cabinet pulls, even the towel rack or toilet roll holder – changing any one of these will freshen up your bathroom.

These are our go-to toilet roll holders – only one stud required.

Upgrade the Shower Head

Even better? Consider our eco-friendly home renovation tips, and make it a low-flow shower head.

You’ll save the planet and some money, all at once!

Change All the Linens

The reason I insist on white bathrooms is that it’s 1,000% easier to change out soft things than solid things.  

Change up the curtains, towels, hand towels, bath mat, and shower curtain.  You’ll be sporting a new bathroom real quick.  

Clean the Hard Water

If you’re a regular reader here, you know we have been through it with hard water!

(You too? Read our best advice at How to Deal with Hard Water: a Homeownership Frustration).

Get started this weekend by scrubbing your shower with CLR.

Are you about to remodel? Check out our printable renovation planners!

Kitchen Projects

Switch Out the Cabinet Hardware 

Change out the cabinet hardware for a huge return on investment!  

Remember – you’ll be multiplying the price by however many drawers and doors you have, so choose your price range appropriately.  

Replace the Backsplash

Perhaps this is more “intermediate” for skill, but an easy home improvement project on a kitchen is to upgrade the backsplash.  

If you’re currently sporting some MDF or an older style backsplash, fresh tile can really boost the look of your kitchen!

Paint the Cabinets

Speaking of cabinets, you can always paint them.  

I personally do not think painting cabinets is a long-term solution (what’s going to happen when everyone wants to un-paint their cabinets?).  

But for an easy home renovation project, painting cabinets could be fun and change up the room for the better.  

Install Mug Hooks

My grandfather’s brilliance, from him to me, and me to you: get a pack of hooks and a drill bit.

Utilize the space underneath your cabinets to install hooks from which your mugs can hang. Boom!

Clean Your Oven Interior

Ok maybe not “Easy” but this one is necessary.

Replace Your Shelf Liner

Getting grimy or just bored of it?  

Find a shelf liner that will make you smile every time you reach for a coffee mug.  

Clear the Countertops

Rearrange your stuff to obtain the ultimate clear countertop.  

Every pro kitchen I’ve seen has a spotless countertop. Not even a salt shaker will grace the space. They must know what they’re doing as pros, right?

Living Room

Change Out the Photos

Has your family recently grown?  Gone on a cool trip?  Snapped a great pic of a sunset from your backyard?  

Why not update the photo frames in your living space?

…Or Change Out the Frames

Go from dark wood finish to oak, or black to white – possibilities await.  

Change the Curtains

Consider heavier drapes for the wintertime, and sheer curtains for the summer.  

Invest in a Couch Cover

We love our vintage tuxedo couch, but the floral pattern made the living room feel dated.  

We just found a couch cover to update the color.  Jury is still out on how much we love it, but will keep you posted!

Get a New Area Rug

We love Ikea for affordable area rugs – especially if you have kids!

Spills will happen but they hurt less if your carpet didn’t cost a fortune.

Change Light Fixture

Coming soon: this light fixture to our refreshed living room. We can’t wait to see the difference!

Rearrange Your Furniture

This is easy to do and easy on the budget!

It just might not be easy on your back.

Experiment With Wallpaper

Yes, experiment! Peel and stick non-permanent wallpaper makes it easy to be non-committal.

Apartment therapy has great examples of peel-and-stick wallpaper successes!

“Hide” the Toys

Maybe I’m cruel, but the shelves look nicer when the toys are away. Baskets for the win!

We also rotate toy baskets for a few days at a time. Keeps it fresh for everybody. Highly recommend.


Clean Out

Maybe not “easy” but definitely affordable – clean out your stuff!  

Go through all of it, like Marie Kondo on a four shot espresso.  

Hotels feel luxurious because they’re empty.  Displays at the store look fancy because they don’t have last week’s newspaper, your laundry basket, and a stack of library books falling over at the side of your bed.  The Elfa closets look awesome because they have like 2.5 button downs and one pair of pants.  

My point here is, you probably have too much stuff!  Get rid of it!

(I say this mercifully yet enthusiastically because I do NOT represent the minimalist half of the Noreen & Derek equation. Rather, I have been on the receiving end of this internal conversation ad infinitum). 

New Hangers

Upgrade, make them match, or invest in a few space saving options for odd accessories.

Derek loves this belt hanger, for example.

Add Hanging Storage

Swiped from the kitchen section of our local ikea, these “utensil holders” make for mighty fine nursery storage.  

We’ve used the baskets for everything from cloth wipes to lotions to baby’s toothbrush. 

Add a “Something Soft”

Want your room to feel like a fancy hotel?  Find a small area rug to place beside your bed.   

(Why haven’t I done this yet?)


Make a Map of Your Breaker Box

Nothing beats standing around in the dark trying to figure out which breaker your need to reset.  

Add a Shelf

…to the shed, mudroom, etc.

Run the “Clean Cycle” on Your Washer

Toss in some bleach or some vinegar, and boom!

Change Out to a New Thermostat

If you’re tech-y, try a “smart” one!

Clean Your Vac Filters

We have an entire post dedicated to the Fujitsu ductless air conditioner review, in which we describe how to clean out the filters and coils.  

Perhaps you’re rockin’ window AC units, in which case you can still clean out the filters with a garden hose or even under water in the bathtub.  

Run a Clothesline

And enjoy fresh line-dried linens!

(Finally) Hang That Hook for the Broom

It took us a shamefully long time to do this one.  Hooks in a utility closet are life-changing.  

You’ll be washed in the Jordan.  Hang the hook.  

weekend home improvement projects
even if it’s just a simple nail, it’s better than nothing!

Install a Whole-House Water Filter

You might be hiring someone for this, but it’s a relatively simple fix that will instantly upgrade your H20 dispensation!  

And Finally…

Of course, the ultimate winner of the easy home improvement projects?

Pay for someone else to do the job. Read all about our “point and pay” strategy!

I’m not saying it will be cheaper, or even done properly.  But I am saying it will be easier on you 😉


We hope that these easy home improvement projects will inspire you to improve your home!

From exterior to kitchen, bathrooms to bedrooms, you can take care of any one of these in a weekend or less.

The question is, which will you choose?!

easy home improvements

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