250 money saving tips

250 Money Saving Tips – How to Dominate Your Savings Goals

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Are you looking for 250 money saving tips? You’ve come to the right blog.

Maybe you’re hoping to save up for a house. Or, perhaps you are in the throes of paying down your student loans. Or, maybe you’re inspired to live more simply and cut the fat from your spending “just because.”

No matter your motivation, we are here to help.

From saving on a house to saving on personal products, these clever ways to save money keep hard-earned cash in your pocket! Read on for 250 money saving tips!

Saving Money – General Tips

  1. You need a budget.  You can’t improve what you don’t track.   
  2. Cash is king (some places charge you the 3.5% for a charge card instead of absorbing it)
  3. Check your discount eligibility – from student discounts to union coupon codes to AAA, you just might have a 15% off coupon!
  4. Quit your vice.  You know the one.  
  5. Delete your payment info from all shopping sites.   
  6. Pay off that stupid credit card debt.  
  7. Have an emergency fund.  
  8. Read your statements to catch any errors.

How to Save Money on Groceries 

  1. Meal plan. 
  2. Make a grocery list. 
  3. Stick to your grocery list. 
  4. Eat less meat. 
  5. Use Ibotta for cash back.  
  6. Or an app like Checkout51. 
  7. Buy in bulk. 
  8. Shop the unit price. 
  9. Get the store brand instead of the name brand. 
  10. Go to the grocery store less often (2x / month vs 4x/ month).
  11. Shop when you are satiated. 
  12. Leave the kids at home. 
  13. Remember your grocery bags in the state of NJ. 
  14. Make your soups from scratch.  
  15. Make your bread from scratch.
  16. Make EVERYTHING YOU CAN from scratch!
  17. Quit buying drinks.  Juice, chocolate milk, soda – it’s all bad for you anyway.  
  18. Cut back by one cup of coffee per day.  (I know.  That’s mean.)
  19. Learn how to make your own darned latte.
  21. Buy produce when in season.  For example, it’s currently November, and squash is 69 cents per pound.  That’s half of the normal price!
  22. Quit your nightly wine/beer/booze habit.  
  23. Shop at a dented can store or similar.
  24. See an item you know you love on sale?  Stock up!
  25. Don’t overeat.  This is also good for your health.  
  26. Plant a fruit tree.  In a few years, you’ll be sitting pretty!
  27. Grow food from scraps, like scallions, onions, potatoes, or celery.  
  28. Save seeds from peppers and tomatoes and plant them. 
  29. Plant a vegetable and herb garden.  
how to save money fast on a low income
gardening is SO fun!!

How to Save Money on Dining Out

  1. Stop dining out.  But if you can’t resist…
  2. Have water instead of fountain beverages.
  3. Have water instead of alcoholic beverages.
  4. If you know your party is going to drink wine and drink 4 glasses, consider buying a bottle.  
  5. Go for happy hour instead of dinner.
  6. Go for lunch or breakfast instead of dinner. 
  7. Basically, don’t go out to dinner.
  8. Skip the apps.
  9. Don’t skimp on a tip – it’s not your server’s fault that you are trying to save up.  This benefits you with good karma. 
  10. Don’t linger.  Lingering means more purchasing.
  11. Check out the restaurant’s menu ahead of time to avoid pricing surprises.
  12. Have a little snack before you go so that you’re not famished and over-order. 
  13. Really like a certain restaurant’s food?  Work there!  

How to Save Money on Take Out

  1. Keep frozen meals handy to avoid last-minute take-out nights.  (Trader Joe’s Indian and Kirkland frozen pizzas are our favorites!)
  2. Heck, make your own freezer meals ahead of time to avoid last-minute take-out nights.
  3. Order directly from the restaurant instead of using Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.  This will also benefit the restaurant’s bottom line.  Win-win!
  4. Check the specials.
  5. Make “take-out night” a weeknight instead of weekend.  Many spots offer a deal since they’re less busy.
  6. Pick it up instead of having it delivered.

250 Money Saving Tips – Personal Products

  1. Join a free sample club.
  2. Use that 5-foot-long CVS receipt coupon.
  3. Buy drugstore beauty products instead of makeup counter stuff.  Half the time, it’s the same contents in a different bottle!
  4. Use a little bit less product each time you use it.  
  5. Buy online rather than in-store.  (How are the nail polish colors so tempting?)
  6. Try less-waste feminine products, like reusable pads or a menstrual cup.
  7. Wear makeup less often.  You’ll go through it more slowly.  Plus, I bet your face is beautiful just the way it is.
  8. Make a DIY scrub from grocery store ingredients.
  9. Make your own laundry detergent.

How to Save Money on a Baby

  1. Use cloth diapers
  2. Buy store-brand disposable diapers instead of the fru-fru brand. 
  3. Don’t buy any toys (they’ll play with the recycling containers, trust me). 
  4. Write a minimalist baby list.  
  5. Ask for gift cards instead of items on your registry. 
  6. Shop used (the market is perpetually healthy!). 
  7. Run all scenarios regarding child care/day care.
  8. Do your homework on formula – store brand is often just as good as top shelf. 
  9. Don’t get into mommy wine culture.
  10. Make your own baby food.  (We use this blender.)
  11. Cut your wipes in half.  Boom, 50% off.
  12. Work out a child care swap.
  13. Accept help!
  14. Accept hand-me-down clothes.
  15. Don’t get sucked into buying items they’ll only use for a few months.  You need less baby stuff than you think.  
  16. Skip the infant carrier and go straight for the transformer 4-in-1 car seat.
clever ways to save money
Cloth diapers aren’t that scary, I promise!

How to Save Money on Kids

  1. Find inexpensive activities, like story time at the library or simply going to church.
  2. Choose less expensive extracurricular activities if you can.  
  3. Shop Facebook marketplace before buying soccer cleats, Barbies, tricycles, etc.
  4. Sell on Facebook marketplace before throwing away soccer cleats, Barbies, tricycles, etc.
  6. Live in a metropolis with good public schooling.
  7. Pack lunch instead of buying at school.
  8. DIY a Lunchable with a reusable bento box.
  9. Find a way to avoid before / after care.

How to Save Money on a House

  1. Have a healthy down payment, ideally 20% or more.   (Check out How to Budget for Buying a House).
  2. Decide what you’re looking for and don’t stray.  LINK Most important day in house search
  3. Shop from your couch to avoid travel costs. 
  4. Scour listing photos to avoid wasting time on the duds. 
  5. Organize your money.
  6. Up that credit score if you use one.
  7. Ask the seller to contribute to closing costs. 
  8. Scour the fees on your closing paperwork.
  9. Understand PMI and avoid it if possible. 
  10. Don’t skip inspections. 
  11. Calculate and reserve a contingency, just in case.
  12. Buy a house slightly smaller than you need.    
  13. House hack to cut your ownership costs.  
  14. Understand what makes a good real estate investment to avoid a dud!
  15. Consider buying a foreclosure home to create the value-add yourself.
  16. Be sure to check HOA fees and taxes before buying.
  17. If you’re renting before buying, time it well with your lease. Or, ask your landlord to go month-to-month while you house shop.
  18. Rent out your driveway or parking space.
  19. Refinance to a better mortgage rate.
250 money saving tips
“Keep moving forward. Baby steps count.”

How to Save Money on Furnishing a Home

  1. Make it yourself.
  2. Shop someone else’s storage unit.
  3. Spruce up an old piece with some paint.
  4. Check the “open box” options at Wayfair
  5. Or the “As-Is” section of Ikea (now online, btw!)
  6. Shop AptDeco or Chairish
  7. Browse the Craigslist “free” section.  Especially if you need a piano.
  8. Do not underestimate the power of “bulk pickup day” in your town.
  9. Stop by a large university’s “move-out” day and browse the curb!

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250 Money Saving Tips – Cut Back on Utilities

  1. Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  2. Use energy in off-hours – check your billing statements to see the difference.
  3. Don’t run it if it ain’t full.  (Looking at you, dishwasher.)
  4. Run cold laundry instead of hot.  
  5. Batch cook.  Example: oven on for a casserole? Stick the cookies in right after. 
  6. Keep it one degree closer to the outside weather so your HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard.
  7. Use energy-efficient appliances. 
  8. Use a water-saving showerhead
  9. Save water on mellow yellow with a dual-flush toilet.
  10. Winter? Cold? Wear a sweater.
  11. Summer?  Hot?  Go somewhere with AC, like the library.
  12. Check that your windows and trim are properly caulked.
  13. Use a window sealing kit to prevent winter drafts
  14. Replace the windows in your home.
  15. Cut the drafts with an under-door draft stopper.
  16. Turn down your hot water heater, just a little.
  17. Let your hair air-dry instead of using the hot tools.
  18. Take a shorter shower.
  19. Make a rain barrel (Here’s a DIY Tutorial).
  20. Use LED bulbs.
  21. Dial down your internet speed.  (Do you truly need 100mpbs?)
  22. Increase in cost? Call up the utility company and nicely ask for a better rate.  You never know. 

How to Save Money on Vacations

  1. Travel closer to home.
  2. Camp instead of staying in hotels.
  3. If using Airbnb, click “display total before taxes” so you can see the hidden costs when shopping.
  4. Stay with friends or family.
  5. Book a place with a kitchenette so you’re not fetching $30 worth of Dunkin every morning.
  6. Book a place with free breakfast.
  7. Choose outdoorsy fun instead of expensive theme parks.
  8. Skip the booze package on the cruise.
  9. Travel first thing in the morning to maximize your first day.
  10. Consider the exchange rate if traveling internationally.
  11. Make it a staycation.
  12. Get an annual National Parks pass instead of paying individual admissions
  13. Make it a “bi-annual” trip instead of annual.
money saving tips
“The way life should be.”

How to Save Money When Traveling by Car

  1. Don’t!  Walk or bike instead.
  2. Drive a fuel-efficient car.
  3. Bring a cooler full of food to avoid roadside snack buys.
  4. Brew your coffee before you leave home and use a tumbler.  
  5. See if there’s a route that avoids tolls.
  6. Travel the speed limit – eventually, too fast burns useless gas.
  7. Carpool.  
  8. Put less weight in the car (aka: pack light!)
  9. While you’re at it, clean out your trunk from random junk you’ve collected.  
  10. Ditch the overhead compartment to make your vehicle more aerodynamic. 
  11. Have one car instead of two or three.  (is that too obvious?)
  13. Keep a clean driving record to save on insurance costs.
  14. Take a defensive driving course to save on insurance.
  15. Can you bundle your car insurance with your homeowners’ or renters’?
  16. Are you traveling as much as when you first purchased your auto insurance?  If you’re working from home, it might be less – try calling them to update.  

250 Money Saving Tips – Save When Traveling by Air

  1. Pack your food instead of buying on the airplane. 
  2. Bring a water bottle and fill it at the airport after security. 
  3. Bring your own headphones, blanket, and other comforts. 
  4. Check one bag instead of two.
  5. Weigh your bag before you leave home so you have no surprises.
  6. Read through the gauntlet of BS carefully when booking tickets.
  7. Kids fly free on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Frontier. 
  8. Under 2 can fly on a parent’s lap – I wouldn’t do it, but you do you.
  9. Bring the car seat (check if it’s FAA approved) and buckle it into kiddo’s plane seat to avoid renting a car seat at your destination. 
  10. Clear your cookies while you’re shopping online for flights.
  11. Book on a Sunday instead of a Friday when shopping.  (Source: BankRate)
  12. And, book early! 
  13. Be flexible in your travel day.
  14. Traveling near the holidays?  Consider traveling “on” the holiday to save.
  15. Fly before 9am to have the best shot at avoiding delays.

How to Save Money on Home Renovations

  1. Plan, plan, and plan some more.
  2. Make a budget. 
  3. Add a 10% – 15% contingency to your budget.
  4. Do more projects at once.
  5. Write a thorough list to avoid umpteen trips to Home Depot.
  6. DIY as much as you feel confident with. 
  7. Choose less expensive fixtures (like not copper, for instance)
  8. Stop ordering pizza and start making your meals at home (like these ideas for your crockpot or toaster oven). 
  9. Save your lumber until the job is done.
  10. Do renovation demolition yourself.  Prioritize safety and after that – it’s easy! 
  11. Sell off the items you take out.
  12. Post scrap metal (or haul it to a yard yourself) to save on dumpster/trash costs.
  13. Volunteer to help with someone else’s project and I guarantee you’ll gain some skills.
  14. Shop in an “urban enterprise zone” (Jersey has this!) to save on taxes.
  15. Consider buying used items on Facebook Marketplace.
  16. Check your local Free Cycle or Buy Nothing groups for materials – people have stuff there all the time!  
  17. Borrow tools instead of buying.  
  18. Don’t open an item until you need it.  You might be able to return.
  19. Know when you’ll be better off hiring a contractor.
  20. Paint all the rooms the same color to save $$ on paint.

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How to Save Money on Fitness

  1. Stop paying for a gym membership.
  2. Use the local park instead.  
  3. Workout at home with endless free workouts on FitnessBlender, Youtube, DoYogaWithMe, EmKFit, and more!
  4. Have a dance party.
  5. No money for weights? Pack a small bag full of heavy stuff, or fill empty gallon jugs full of dirt.  Now you have free weights. 
  6. Go for a hike.
  7. Go for a run.
  8. Do bodyweight training like HIIT or Plyo.
  9. Wear your baby while doing chores.
  10. Go for a walk
  11. Find people who are studying to be trainers.  They often teach free classes while working towards their certification.
  12. Pick a less expensive sport.  Like maybe not figure skating, you know?  
  13. Renovate your entire house from top to bottom.  Nothing burns calories like a reno!

250 Money Saving Tips – Save Money on Entertainment

  1. Quit going to the movies (or at least ditch the expensive popcorn).
  2. Maximize your library card benefits.
  3. Sit in the cheap seats.
  4. Support student-run theatre
  5. Watch a concert or show in the park during summertime.  Even Broadway performs for FREE on Thursdays at noon in the summertime in Bryant Park!
  6. Start a band. 
  7. Host a jam night or an open mic.  
  8. Visit your county’s page for free events.
  9. Check your local National Night Out in August.
  10. Head out to nature and watch the woodland creatures.  Seriously!
  11. Youtube.  Has anyone out there exhausted the free entertainment available on Youtube?
  12. Cancel your streaming subscriptions…
  13. …or at least cut back to just one.  
  14. Join a free trial for a streaming service.  Then, quit before you have to pay.  Repeat ad nauseum until there are none left.  Bet it will take a year!
  15. People watch at the mall.  

How to Save Money on Clothes

  1. Leave it in your cart for a day.  Some companies send an email with a discount to make sure you buy.
  2. Join the mailing list if there’s a good incentive.
  3. Shop used on Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, ThredUp, and more!
  4. Obtain sewing skills to repair the clothes you have.
  5. Before you buy, put it back on the shelf at the store for a week.  If you’re still thinking about it a week later may you go back and buy it.
  6. Have a clothing swap with similar-sized friends.
  7. Buy only versatile pieces that work together, rather than one-off trends, aka a capsule wardrobe.
  8. Don’t randomly go to the mall “just because.”  Window shopping turns into real shopping quickly!
  9. Take your card information off frequently shopped websites, to make it harder for you to spend frivolously. 
  10. Check your local Buy Nothing Group for kids’ clothes especially. 
  11. Attending a wedding? Is nothing in your closet appropriate for the dress code?  Borrow instead of buying.
save money
Snagged this cocktail dress for $9 on eBay!

How to Save Money for Retirement

  1. Open the darned account already!
  2. Maximize your employer’s match, if available to you
  3. DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY once you have it.  No 401k loans, none of that.  Just leave it there.
  4. Open up a Roth IRA and fill it every year.  Tax benefits galore here, people.
  5. Make it automatic through a direct deposit percentage.
  6. Use your bank’s “keep the change” program.
  7. Pick up a side hustle that’s just for future you.

Final Thoughts on Money Saving Tips

We hope you find these 250 money saving tips useful! Perhaps you have found one or two that you would like to try. Always keep your goal in mind and you will get it!

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