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21 Best Home Improvement Items on Amazon for Under $10

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Looking for the best home improvement items on Amazon? You’re in the right place!

Here’s a sweet list of the simple must-haves that will make home remodeling easier.

Let’s go shopping!

Best Home Improvement Items on Amazon Under $10

Note: these are all under $10 at the time of this post being published.  Prices subject to change according to Amazon.

Spray Bottles

If you are DIYing your home renovation demolition, fill these spray bottles with water to keep dust down!

Or, removing wall paper? Mix fabric softener 1:1 with water, and spray generously to loosen stubborn glue.

Reversible Screw Driver

Philips or flat? Keep both in your tool belt at once with this handy screwdriver.


Hear me out. Sanding joint compound is messy! Check out the instructions on the back of a compound bucket:

home improvement items on amazon

Invest in a car wash sponge to lightly wipe down the imperfections.

Safety Glasses

Another demo day necessity, these safety glasses are tinted so you can keep from squinting while cutting outside.


Good luck trying to renovate without one!

Perk: if they’re neon colored pencils, they’re harder to lose.

Graph Paper

A pad of graph paper is perfect for sketching your new layout!

Architectural Ruler

Grab a snazzy three sided ruler and you’re ready for anything.

Door Sweep

Tired of that pesky draft? Seal up your doors with these peel and stick door sweeps.

Paint Brushes

Painting is the gateway drug to DIYing your entire home renovation!

Get hooked with this handy paint brush set.

Taping Knife

Seal up a draft or finish off a sheetrock job with a basic taping knife.

Sink Strainer

Just in case you don’t like what comes with your new sink, check out these mesh sink strainers.

Jumbo Outlet Covers

…Because sometimes you just need a “whoops” cover plate.

Outlet Adapter

When you cut the power during a home renovation, you’re often left with only one outlet.

Grab yourself a t-shape outlet adapter to triple your power!

Measuring Tape Keychain

Keep it in your car, purse, back pocket, whatever.

Better to be looking at it, than for it!

Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing while you work! Buy a pack of ear plugs for you and your team.

Work Gloves

You know I love to take care of my hands during a home renovation.

Invest in some work gloves. You won’t regret it!

Dryer Brush

If you’re not cleaning out your dryer vents… you probably should be.

Snag a convenient dryer vent brush!

Canvas Apron

Sheetrock faster with a handy apron to keep your hardware nearby.

Snag a 3-pack so your friends can help!

A Can of Wd-40

You never you need it, until you do.

Olde English Wood Polish

We used this incredible wood polish for our 2nd floor old house kitchen renovation, and it made the secondhand cabinets look like new!

Hair Catcher

Keep your shower drain free and clear with this imperative little hair catcher.

We casually install these in our rental apartment before new tenants move in.

Bonus Round!

Best Home Improvement Items on Amazon Under $15

Note: these are all under $15 at the time of this post being published.  Prices subject to change according to Amazon.


Throw it back to your college days with a set of no-drill hooks.

But you know, keep it classy with a brushed nickel finish.

Toilet Roll Holder…

We’ve bought it twice: in our first floor bathroom renovation and for our basement bathroom remodel.

As of this posting in June 2022, it is listed at $11.80.

This toilet roll holder only needs one stud for mounting. Win!

…+ Matching Towel Ring


Once again, only one stud required.

Shower Squeegee

This is our first line of defense on how to deal with hard water!

We personally use and love this shower squeegee for our shower doors to take away the hard water stains.

Cloth Diapers

Hear me out.

Nothing – nothing, I tell you – is as useful as a stack of cloth diapers.

Use them for cleaning, staining, polishing, you name it!

Reusable Water Bottle

Into eco-friendly home renovation tips?

Start with a reusable water bottle for your workday.

Led Light Bulbs

Go to town on energy savings with a pack of LED light bulbs.

Denatured Alcohol

Nothing gets a window sticker off like a can of denatured alcohol.

Read the instructions– don’t drink, wear, or light this stuff on fire!

String Lights

Whether it’s your backyard before and after DIY or the ho-ho-holiday season, put the finishing touch on your renovation with twinkling string lights!

Final Thoughts on Best Home Improvement Items

That’s all for now, fellow homeowners!

Hopefully you’ll find these best home improvement items on Amazon to be useful, whether it’s for day-to-day use or a big home renovation!

best home improvement items on amazon

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