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45 Bathroom Renovation Tips – Advice You Need to Know

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Looking for bathroom renovation tips? Look no further!

Having renovated three bathrooms in 6 years, we’ve got lots of hard-earned tips and tricks to help you through your bathroom remodel.

This is a list of super-fast one-liners full of bathroom renovation advice. For more detailed tips, check out our post on How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation.

Read on, renovation warrior!

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Plan a place to take a shower.

Plan where you will use the toilet.

Set a home renovation budget (as always)

Build in a budget contingency (10-20%).

Build in a time contingency (at least a month… trust me.)

Make a list of pain points of your current bathroom, and brainstorm solutions to eliminate them.

Go claim your Bathroom Renovation Planner – it’s the best nine bucks you’ll spend on your new loo!

If possible, plan to replace the toilet all in one day.  

Order your vanity well in advance.  

Check if the vanity top comes with pre-drilled holes.

Choose your faucet according to your vanity’s pre-drilled holes.

Order your flooring well in advance.

Don’t forget to take your “before” pictures! (Before and after pictures are so fun!)

Bathroom Renovation Tips – Rough-in

Plan for air ventilation – and don’t forget to double check the sound level.

Renovating a rental bathroom like our 2nd floor bathroom remodel?  Hardwire the vent and light together so your tenant can’t forget to turn it on.  

If your outlets aren’t updated, be sure they are GFCIs…

…and plan to install them in locations you can reach.  (Hello, hair straightener!)

Communicate with your plumber – show pictures, print out specs, ad nauseum.  Don’t surprise them with a floating vanity!  

Plan layout carefully – will the flow work for you and your family?  

If your walls are open, don’t forget to insulate!

things i wish i knew before remodeling a bathroom

…And consider standard bathroom dimensions for your layout – especially in a small bathroom.

Be sure to use water resistant sheetrock (green or purple boards)!

Showerhead on an exterior wall?  Consider reversing it to avoid frozen pipes in colder temps.  

Take pictures of your pipes before you close the walls!

Bathroom Renovation Tips – Design Choices

Make a pinterest board for inspiration!

Tub or stand-up?

Shower: Surround or tile shower?

bathroom renovation tips
shower doors from our first floor bathroom remodel

Toilets: one piece or two?

Shower curtain or shower door?

Tub: cast iron or fiberglass?

Medicine cabinet or mirror?

Bathroom Storage

Do you have a linen closet?  Consider installing built in shelving.

bathroom renovation cost
genius built-ins from our 2nd floor rental bathroom renovation

No space?  Invest in a separate freestanding linen closet

Still no space? Try recessing the cabinet between the studs.

small bathroom renovation
check out this Ikea hack at our basement bathroom remodel

Take advantage of vertical real estate with a sweet over-the-toilet cabinet.

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Go nuts with something luxurious like a heated toilet seat or towel warmer.

Staring down your sunset years?  Consider dual purpose fixtures that have built in grab bars, like this shower shelf or toilet roll holder.

Use toggle bolts if your towel bar doesn’t line up to the studs.  

Consider a water-saving shower head. (Check out more eco-friendly home renovation tips here!)

Don’t forget your non-slip bath mat.

Lighting can really affect a room!  Check out our three different light sources in our 1st floor bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Renovation Money Saving Tips

Don’t move the plumbing. 

Choose simple tiles and/or shower surrounds.  Trendy will go out of style faster.  Keep it simple, and just change out linens and paint to update later.

Plan for LED lighting.

Install a water-saving toilet.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Renovation Tips

Well folks, that’s all for now. Which of these tips will you act on right away?

Is it planning your shower and toilet contingency, or selecting a non-skid bath mat?

No matter your next move, we hope these quick tips help you out on your next bathroom remodel!

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